Mold prevention plan. Mold originates from problems related to the building and/or following the behavior of its occupants. However, if the contractors give a lot of importance on the causes emanating from the weaknesses of the building, they too often forget to equip the occupants with a mold prevention plan to allow them to take the right actions to prevent the problems from coming back.

At Mold Removal & Asbestos Remediation EcoRenov, we place great importance on a complete and permanent eradication of mold problems and this sometimes involves the development of a mold prevention plan. So many questions such as:

  • What is the humidity level to keep in the house to prevent mold;
  • How can humidity management have an impact on mold;
  • Can humidity management have an impact on air quality;
  • Etc.

In short, so many questions and so many actions specific to your family situation which is unique. Ask questions to one of our mold prevention experts by dialing now 438-800-2046 or request ask for a price quote using our online form.

A Completely Personalized Mold Prevention Plan

Mold Prevention Planning

As each family is unique, so is every mold prevention plan. In each of our prevention plans, we address the behaviors adopt in relation to the tools that the building makes available to us (e.g. healthy use of the air exchanger, how it works, when to use it and how to use it, optimal settings, is a dehumidifier / humidifier required, etc.) and the impact of our actions on air quality.

Entrepreneur specialized in mold removal and mold remediation, the Mold Removal & Asbestos Remediation EcoRenov’s team offers you cutting-edge expertise at a fraction of the price. Protect your family and your home from mold and choose the best partner to help you prevent mold development. Ask for your personalized mold prevention plan by calling 438-800-2046 and speak to one of our experts in mold analysis, treatment and prevention. Mold Removal & Asbestos Remediation EcoRenov: a dedicated team of mold prevention experts with the health of your family at heart.

Cost of a Mold Prevention Plan

Mold Prevention Plan:
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