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Asbestos removal: contractor specializing in asbestos removal and abatement in the Laval & Montreal area, the EcoRenov’s team has years of experience to offer you high quality decontamination services that are safe, certified, guaranteed for life and offered at the best price. Our secret: years of passion in a job well done, but that’s not all !!! It is by keeping the business on a human scale, by taking care of each client as if they were a relative, by carrying out rigorous control of administrative costs and by capitalizing on low-cost marketing techniques such as word of mouth that we can offer you high level asbestos removal services at a fraction of the competitors’ prices.

In addition, we have integrated all of the peripheral services related to asbestos testing, asbestos removal and asbestos abatement into our services, which allows you to reduce the number of subcontractors, to benefit directly from the resulting reduced costs and to have only one person involved in the management of your project which greatly improves communication and the execution of your project.

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Do not wait any longer and restore full value of your property by entrusting your asbestos removal project to a team of passionate specialists in the field. Request your free estimate by dialing 438-800-2046 and one of our certified asbestos removal experts in Laval and Montreal area will be happy to assist you throughout your project. Mold Removal & Asbestos Remediation EcoRenov: your local contractor specializing in asbestos removal at an honest and fair price!

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    Asbestos removal, Montreal: houses built before 1985 may have been built with several materials containing asbestos. Vermiculite insulation, popcorn ceiling, drywalls, vinyl tiles, asbestos insulation for pipes are just some of the materials that may contain asbestos. Whether it is for the renovation of your home or as part [...]

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