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Vermiculite removal in Montreal, Laval & Longueuil: specialists in vermiculite removal and asbestos abatement, we have been offering professional, highly safe vermiculite removal services since our beginnings at the most competitive price in town. Whether you are in a real estate transaction, whether it is in the context of renovating your house or even in case of a partial demolition, our vermiculite removal specialists are there to answer your questions, to provide you with an estimate in record time, to support you in your negotiations (if required) and to offer you high-end turnkey services at the best price possible.

Vermiculite Removal, Montreal & Laval

Do not worry, a vermiculite removal project can be carried out at a price often lower than other types of regular renovations without making compromise on quality and the gain in value of your property is often greater than the costs of a vermiculite removal project. It is certainly unpleasant to discover the presence of vermiculite in your Laval or Montreal’s home, but know that there are affordable and safe solutions. Talk with one of our decontamination specialists by dialing 438-800-2046 or use our form below and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Costs of Vermiculite Removal the Greater Montreal area

The costs of vermiculite removal services are generally fairly straightforward. The place where the vermiculite is located and its access (walls, attic, subfloor, etc.) is one of the first aspects to assess, then comes the volume of vermiculite to be removed and finally, the choices you will make regarding the materials used for re-insulation will have an impact on the cost of your vermiculite removal project.

Are you still hesitating as to the relevance of undertaking vermiculite removal work in your home? Request a price quote free of charge and take the time to think about it with the certainty of having the best price in town for professional and safe vermiculite removal work. Don’t wait any longer and contact one of our vermiculite removal specialists by calling 438-800-2046 now. Mold Removal & Asbestos Remediation EcoRenov: your certified contractor for vermiculite removal, mold remediation and asbestos abatement work in the Greater Montreal area.

Cost of Vermiculite Removal

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Vermiculite

    What does vermiculite look like?

    What does vermiculite insulation look like? From a distance, vermiculite looks like small pebbles or gravel. Vermiculite is usually a brownish-gray or silver-gold color, but the color will fade to gray over time. Vermiculite is made up of minerals extracted from the ground and which, when heated to a very high temperature, explode to expand like a grain of corn being heated. Therefore, vermiculite is a very light material and that is why it was very easy to apply in attics.

    I have vermiculite in my attic. What are the risks to my health?

    Vermiculite insulation. What are the risks to your health? If you have vermiculite in your attic, you should always assume that it is contaminated with asbestos to prevent exposure to you and your family. It is important to avoid any manipulation or disturbance of the vermiculite, as these actions could spread volatile asbestos fibers into the air and it is these that are very damaging to health if inhaled. You must therefore refrain from going into the attic (attic), carrying out work near the vermiculite (e.g. installation of a recessed light, electrical work in the attic, etc.) or even use the attic for the storage of goods.

    The level of health hazard is closely related to the amount of asbestos fibers that are inhaled and the frequency of exposure to these fibers. So if the vermiculite remains in place and you take every precaution not to move it, your health will not be affected. Health Canada still recommends that the vermiculite be removed from a company specializing in vermiculite decontamination if the vermiculite contains asbestos.

    How do you know if vermiculite contains asbestos?

    Vermiculite insulation with asbestos It is important to know that only Zonolite brand vermiculite contains asbestos. But how do you know if the vermiculite in your attic contains it? Some will tell you that vermiculite of such a color almost always contains asbestos, this statement is totally FALSE! The only reliable method to identify if vermiculite contains asbestos is to perform a vermiculite test in a laboratory. However, if you find a Zonolite brand bag in your attic, you can save yourself this expense, it is definitely contaminated with asbestos.

    A vermiculite test involves taking 3 vermiculite samples from random places in your attic. It is particularly important to recover the layer of vermiculite at the bottom and to take the dust which is present there. The analysis will therefore confirm or rule out the presence of asbestos in your vermiculite.

    Does the presence of vermiculite constitute a hidden defect?

    Is vermiculite a hidden defect? Have you just discovered vermiculite in your property and are wondering if the presence of it constitutes a hidden defect? Many different courts have ruled and the presence of vermiculite contaminated with asbestos is not considered a hidden defect. The Quebec court ruled in 2009 and wrote: “The mere presence of non-compliant material in a building, or even a residence, does not automatically mean that the building is affected by a hidden defect”.

    The courts also rely on Health Canada’s claim that: “[Vermiculite insulation] can be dangerous if moved during maintenance, renovations or demolition. However, there is currently no demonstrated health risk if the insulation is sealed into wall panels or floors, insulated in an attic, or absent from ambient air. ”

    In short, the use of non-conforming materials does not in itself constitute a defect which reduces the quality of a building or prevents its owner from using said building. However, the presence of vermiculite can decrease the value of a property until vermiculite decontamination work is undertaken.

    I am thinking of selling my house. Should I have the vermiculite removed?

    Should I remove vermiculite before selling my house? You want to sell your property and you are wondering if you should remove the vermiculite first. Be aware that it is not mandatory to remove vermiculite, but the mere presence of vermiculite could deter more than one potential buyer. In addition, the issuing banks, CMHC (the company that will insure the mortgage loan if the down payment is less than 20%) and the insurance companies now require that one of the two parties proceed with the removal of the vermiculite if it is contaminated with asbestos. In fact, the devaluation of the property and the increase in potential costs during a disaster (e.g. leaky roof and collapsing ceiling gypsum carrying asbestos-contaminated vermiculite into the living space) were enough for these companies to now demand that vermiculite decontamination work be undertaken by a recognized and certified company. Therefore, you or the buyer will need to make a commitment to proceed with the vermiculite extraction and decontamination of the premises.

    From experience, several real estate brokers have told us that it is best to remove the vermiculite from a house before selling it. This is because the number of potential buyers is increasing significantly and this increase in the number of buyers will sell at a much higher price. This gain in value often exceeds the costs of the vermiculite removal work. Despite the many benefits for sellers, a small proportion still prefer to reduce the amount of the sale to the benefit of the buyer.

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